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Syntax Highlighting for SQL in Tagged Template Literals

In @databases you will use a lot of SQL strings inline within your TypeScript or JavaScript code. These strings are always "tagged" with the sql prefix, meaning we can use plugins to ensure they are highlighted as SQL, rather than just a string.

VS Code Syntax Highlighting Extension

The vscode-sql-template-literal extension provides syntax highlighting for VS Code:

Syntax highlighting in VS Code

Atom Syntax Highlighting Plugin

This doesn't seem to be working at the moment, see gandm/language-babel#525

To enable highlighting, you need to:

  1. Install the language-babel package.

  2. Configure language-babel "JavaScript Tagged Template Literal Grammar Extensions" setting to use source.sql to highlight template literals with sql tag (configuration value: sql:source.sql).

Syntax highlighting setup in Atom

For more information, refer to the JavaScript Tagged Template Literal Grammar Extensions documentation of language-babel package.

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