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Choosing a node.js database

One of the first things you'll need to do when starting most node projects is to chose a database and database library. You'll normally want to choose your database before you choose the library, but in the case of @databases, we support a few different databases, so you do have some leeway.

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Node.js in memory database

In addition to working with a file, you can also use SQLite as an in-memory database. If you do this it will not be persisted, but it can be very useful for tests.

How to create an SQLite database in node.js

SQLite is a great database for embedded use cases. e.g. if you are using node.js in IOT, or an Electron app.

SQL Injection in Node.js

SQL Injection remains one of the most prevalent and easily exploitable security vulnerabilities in modern web applications. It think a lot of that is that SQL libraries make it so easy to get this wrong, and it's not always obvious why it's such a big deal.